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About NutriGrass -Organic WheatGrass Specialty Shop

NutriGrass, an Organic WheatGrass Specialty Shop, is a young and energetic specialty store located in California, US,  where natural health is widely respected. We specialized in a wide selection of the highly nutritious, deep Green Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Spirulina,  and  many GMP certified natural nutrition supplement products at the lowest price anywhere you can find.

Our WheatGrass and Barley Grass are concentrated green vegetable packed with nutrients that naturally encourage optimum health and certified organic by QAI in accordance with the organic standards of U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. Available in convenient tablets and powder, so you can get your greens every day with minimum time and effort.

No Artificial Ingredients. Organically Grown.  -All natural nutritious health food

Green Barley Grass is carefully manufactured by the largest health nutrition manufacturer in the U.S.A., member of the TruLabel program and is GMP certified, issued  by NNFA - The National Nutritional Foods Association which established the GMP guidelines.


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