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::: Popularized in the 1970s by Dr. Ann Wigmore and other natural food pioneers, tray-grown wheatgrass juice has become a familiar product in juice bars, natural food stores, and the homes of do-it-yourself juicers worldwide. The juice has been associated with many health benefits as told in The Wheatgrass Book by Dr. Wigmore. However, many who purchase "fresh" wheatgrass juice don’t realize that it has not reached its full nutritional potential. Wheat grass grown outdoors in its natural climate has much higher levels of vitamins, minerals, and chlorophyll than tray-grown grass due to vast differences in the growth process. (Click here for a nutritional comparison.)



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Our field grown Wheat Grass


Tray Grown Wheatgrass

• convenient and simple

• about 25-35 cents per serving

• excellent nutrition

• complex carbohydrates

• grown over 200 days in the ground

• grown outside in the sunshine

• 7-10 inches tall at harvest


• labor intensive and messy

• usually $1 or more per serving

• good nutrition

• simple sugars

• grown 7-14 days in a tray

• grown inside, often under lights

• 7-10 inches tall at harvest


::: Tray-grown wheatgrass is grown in a warm greenhouse or indoors under fluorescent lighting. After growing for 7-10 days, the plant is approximately 6-8 inches tall. It is then harvested and juiced for consumption. Because it grows so quickly in the warm conditions, the plant has a relatively high level of simple sugars and is not given time to convert these sugars into complex carbohydrates, vitamins, enzymes, and proteins. This may explain the quick burst of energy that some users experience immediately after drinking the juice.

::: The accelerated growth in the tray-growing process also causes the plant to put most of its energy into growing leaves rather than roots. Thus very few minerals are absorbed through the roots to be utilized in producing the important complex nutrients.

::: Our Wheat Grass, available in tablets and powders, is grown outdoors for more than 200 days in Kansas, one of the best places on Earth for growing wheat, barley, oat and other cereal grasses. The natural climate and growing cycle produces a much higher quality and nutritionally concentrated wheat grass plant than the tray-growing process can produce.

::: When wheat is planted in the fall, the leaves will only grow one inch above the soil in the first month. Yet the root system is already deep below the frost line, in order to sustain its life during the cold winter months. While the plant goes dormant in the winter, the roots absorb and store nutrients from the soil. With warmer daytime temperatures in the winter, the wheat plant converts sunlight into energy, and utilizes the nutrients and minerals stored in its roots to transform simple sugars into complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals proteins and enzymes.

::: The wheat grass plant reaches its nutritional peak just prior to a period known as the jointing stage, when rapid growth begins and the nutrients stored in the leaves of the plant are passed along to wheat grain. Our Wheat Grass is harvested just prior to the complete of the actual jointing process, at the plant’s nutritional zenith.

::: Our Wheat Grass is naturally concentrated, balanced, and preserved to provides a wide array of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and other nutrients. Tray-grown wheatgrass juice, while highly regarded by many for its therapeutic value, simply isn't given sufficient time to develop fully. As a result, it doesn’t match up nutritionally with our Wheat Grass, grown the way nature intended.

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