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International S/H and Tax information

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::: International S/H and Tax

For all International Shipping, has to utilize our international standard to heavily pack the box to ensure it'll arrive safely. Therefore, the international shipping and handling is very different from our domestic shipping.

w/ Order Total:

 To Canada

To Asia and Europe

Under $20

$ 12.98

$ 24.98


$ 19.98

$ 39.98
56.01-110.00 $ 29.98 $ 49.98
110.01-220.00 $ 39.98 $ 89.98
Above 220.01 $ 49.98 $ 141.98

Please note that your phone number is needed for most carriers to accept your item, so please make sure to provide your phone number for smoother delivery.


For address in Asia, please visit our Chinese section where all prices include all shipping and handling fees.

For all other international address, please let us know your quantity and address before ordering. Hence, we can provide the best S/H rate for shipping via US Surface, Air or Express. 



::: Tax

We don't charge any tax for international order.

Thanks :-)


*Please note these fees don't include any import tax/duty maybe charged by importing country, if there is any, the customer will be responsible for.

We accept:   and

Resellers or Retailers are welcome to contact us for your wholesale package.

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